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Our Supporters 
People from all over the United States and England are passionate about the seventeenth-century history of the two Bostons.  Here is a picture of a Boston birthday cake being cut at the Boston Public Library by (l to r) Will Holton, Founding President; Judy Cammack, former Mayor of Boston, Lincolnshire and founding member of the PHB and founding chairman of the Historic Bostons Partnership in England; three supporters; and Barry Cotton, PHB Trustee and descendant of John Cotton.
Board of Trustees 

The Partnership’s board of trustees sets policies and organizes programs in order to teach the public about the seventeenth–century Bostons. 

John Morrison, President


          John has been active with the Waltham Historical Society and his architectural-cultural-design interest led him to become tour leader with Boston by Foot. He began Partnership activities with the reading group at Mass Historical Society and was elected a trustee of the Partnership and treasurer in September 2016.

Sidney Levitsky, MD, Vice President

          Sid Levitsky has built on his love ot history by attending PHB meetings, discussion groups, History Camp, lectures at Mass Historical Society, and more.  He is the David W. and David Cheever Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA., the Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery at CAREGROUP and the Senior Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
Diane Isaacson, Treasurer

An avid genealogist and historical researcher, Diane is a member of The Winthrop Society, The Mayflower Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society of Daughters of the Union 1861-65, New England Historic Genealogical Society, and Association of Professional Genealogists.

Michael E. George, Clerk 

Michael retired as a public administrator in Massachusetts state and local government in 2018. A 35+

year resident of Back Bay Boston, he is active in numerous civic and community organizations including the

Partnership of Historic Bostons with whom he has been serving as the Clerk since 2018.  He is also currently

serving on the Standing Committee of First Church Boston.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from

the Ohio State University, Mike has continued his interest in history as a lifelong avid reader.  Of  particular

interest is the remarkable people and events that created a godly republican form of government in

Massachusetts Bay in 1630. To explore those beginnings in England, Mike visited London, Cambridge,

Groton, Lincoln, and Boston in the spring of 2019.  Under the auspices of the Partnership of Historic Bostons,

he is training to learn to conduct public tours of early colonial Boston and environs.  

James Boggie, Trustee

Steve Busby, Trustee

           Steve has been a history teacher and is a longtime tour guide in Boston and eastern Massachusetts.  He conceived of and helped develop the Boston Founders Trail Walking Tour for the Partnership.  He provides tours on that trail for groups.  

Judy Cammack, Trustee

          Judy is a founding member of the PHB.  She was Mayor of Boston, Lincolnshire, in the 1990s and is the Founding Chairman of the Historic Bostons Partnership in England.  She and her late husband John have graciously hosted many visiting Americans and have attended most of the Boston Charter Day celebrations in Church.  Judy and John are the force behind the Puritan Path at St. Botolph’s Church in Boston.

Will Holton, President Emeritus

Will is the founding president of the Partnership, and his guidance for fifteen years made us successful.  He is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Northeastern University.  In 1998 he made a research trip to Boston, Lincolnshire because he was teaching the “Sociology of Boston” course then.  During that visit he developed the idea for the Partnership with the Mayor of Boston, Lincolnshire.  Later that summer he hosted the Mayor of our Mother Town and arranged a meeting with Mayor Menino.  The formal founding of the Partnership occurred late in 1999. 

Stephen Kenney, Trustee

Steve Kenney is Director of the Commonwealth Museum, the Massachusetts state history museum.  He has a Ph.D. from Boston University and has been a faculty member and administrator at several colleges including service as Interim President at Quincy College, a public community college. He has been curator for several exhibits at the Commonwealth Museum, including: George Washington in Massachusetts, Civil War Massachusetts, and Sacco and Vanzetti.

Fred Meyer, Trustee

Sarah Stewart, Trustee

Neil Wright, Trustee

          Neil was born in Boston, England, and has written many books and articles on the history of that town and of Lincolnshire generally.   He is currently Chairman of the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology.  He lives in Lincoln, England, and he and his late wife Sarah hosted Will Holton in 1998 when Will was researching in the Lincolnshire Archives in that city.   He became a Trustee in 2014. 
These historians and writers advise the Trustees about programs and developments in 17th-century research.

Professor Robert Allison, Suffolk University


Professor Emeritus Francis J. Bremer, Millersville University


Professor William Fowler, Northeastern University


Eve LaPlante, Professional Writer


David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist, New England Historic Genealogical Society


Nathaniel Scheidley, Executive Director, The Bostonian Society


D. Brenton Simons, President and C.E.O., New England Historic Genealogical Society


Earl Taylor, President, Dorchester [Massachusetts] Historical Society 

Nina Zannieri, Executive Director, Paul Revere Memorial Association

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